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Barry, a busy father who works full-time as a chef and goes to school. He wanted to lose 10-20 lbs. Barry was very receptive to receiving coaching on diet and lifestyle to reach his weight loss goals. I was initially unsure of whether I could help him reach his goals as he was carrying all the weight of smoking, drinking, and binge eating.  I was taken aback after our first intake meeting where he said that he wanted to change his health outcomes and he felt very strongly that he could do whatever it takes to make the weight loss a reality and he certainly is on that path.  I was blown away by his doggedness in wanting to get to the finish line.  Per his BMI he fell in the overweight category and he was smart to hone in what issue he wanted to work on. By week three he had dropped 10 lbs. (of his goal of 10 – 20 lbs.). Most importantly he feels really good about himself and highly motivated that he is on the right trajectory. I feel that he has a framework to work with for his future diet and lifestyle with the suggestions to make healthy choices, despite his busy schedule.