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Shiela Moorthy

Founder Vitalify Nutrition

Greetings! My name is Shiela Moorthy and I created Vitalify Nutrition to empower individuals to take  charge of their own health by educating them to navigate through what could be a difficult and winding  path to achieving vigor and vitality through diet and lifestyle choices.

I spent over a decade in public health where my focus has been in the area of lowering the global burden of infectious diseases at a societal level across pediatric and adult population segments.  My curiosity in nutrition piqued when my father passed away and while he had a good diet, I wondered about the possibility of additional insights that might have improved his quality of life. Since his passing I started to think about the possibility to educating myself and others to delay or prevent the onset of lifestyle diseases.

More recently, I decided to get formal education in the field of nutrition. My own journey has been one where, I have had to navigate through allergies, psoriasis and urticaria, that has galvanized me to empower others to utilize natural options to build and restore their health.

It was when I was navigating through a severe case of urticaria (hives) having uncontrollable itching that galvanized me into following an Eating for HealthTM targeted to my situation, as taught at Bauman College when I began to see significant improvement in all of my symptoms across the board.  By using the Eating for HealthTM model I was able to tailor my diet to my health issues, while feeling empowered doing that. We are all different and our health issues are unique driven by genetics, current environment and metabolism, but applying a whole foods-based diet, plentiful in nutrients can form the basis for healing and recovery.

I am now a Certified Nutrition Consultant, having completed over 700hrs of instruction and a 3 month internship from the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. My practicum training was completed at Cortiva Institute in King of Prussia, PA.

Now as a certified nutritionist, I’m educator and speaker at community centers and corporations addressing, men’s and women’s health, adolescent health, senior health and corporate wellness. I provide custom diet and lifestyle recommendations at an individual level and wellness programs at group level. The group wellness programs are conducted at the corporate headquarters and community centers.

I practice from my home office in Wayne PA and work remotely with clients all over the US and outside the country via skype or phone. I provide free lectures at community centers for families and seniors.

My therapeutic areas of focus are allergies (gluten/dairy/other), anti-inflammatory, autoimmune conditions, blood sugar control, cancer support, cardiovascular health, detox and cleanse programs, digestive health, elder nutrition, general wellness, immune support, menopause, mental health, sports nutrition, stress management, thyroid and weight loss.

I’m excited to share my experiences with my own health and to share the learnings with others to help them through the path of health and wellness.

I look forward to hearing from you and would be delighted to help you in your journey of empowerment to achieving optimal health.

Shiela Moorthy, MBA, NC, RYT

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